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Nice article on bicycling in Berlin <a href=”http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-20068083″>here</a>. I tend to agree with their point that forcing people to wear helmets is keeping a lot of people from riding bikes and this is something that THE MAN doesn’t understand. I also seem to remember reading something somewhere that said that when the number of people riding reaches a certain point then helmets aren’t really necessary because a lot less chance that you’re going to get hit by a carĀ  because there are so few cars.

The article even compares Melbourne and Berlin and Melb has the big advantage in that it’s not suffering subzero temperatures 4 months a year. My answer is, find the sexiest, coolest looking helmet you can and rock that.

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  1. Tony if I didn’t know you better I would’ve labeled you a spammer, and pressed the spam button.
    Nice — they play on my weakness for the paramilitary look.

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