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I almost never go to the cinema because I don’t like to deal with peasants and their mobile phones spoiling my immersive experience. I guess it’s the darkness of the room, the loud surround sound and the fact that I can’t pause it every half hour to go to the toilet. It’s more like taking a bus in that I have to plan to go to the toilet before hand and hope that I don’t feel the need during the film because it’s annoying knowing that it’s continuing back in there and I’m missing it while I’m doing my thing.

And then when it finishes I’m ejected from a womb-like setting into the horrible bright world — where I bump off walls, am grumpy and cannot communicate for at least 20 minutes.

But J-e found a cinema where there’s only thirty (ultra comfy) seats. It was a bit spendy, and the other people in the cinema were still distracting but we went. And saw Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond movie. Click more for review including spoilage.The main thing that people talk about is Daniel Craig, and if he is or is not a good James Bond. I am ambivalent. I don’t know what good acting is. All I can say is that I didn’t think Bond was supposed to be blonde – but whatever. Can he fill the shoes of Bond? Did he fill the shoes of Bond? And so on and so forth.

I read through the critical responses on the wikipedia article, and it seems most people (ie. most critics) seemed to like it. And I was really surprised to see nothing, and I mean _nothing_ said about Dench’s performance.

It’s not ‘has Craig arrived as Bond?’ It’s ‘ _Skyfall_ marks the end of a Bond era – Dench’s Bond era’. M’s been the glue that held the last couple of films together, and I would say was the stand-out performance in this one. And that’s even when going up against Javier Bardem as the villian.

He didn’t quite look as archetypical *evil* as his character in _No Country For Old Men_ but he was pretty good as a former spy turned psycho-hacker/killer here. In fact, a hacker who you never saw using a computer — impressive! I’d say he was the best crazy Bond villian since Christopher Walken tried to flood Silicon Valley in _A View To A Kill_.

So, while Dench’s involvement in the last 7 films helped to keep the franchise relevant, it now turns another corner, and for some reason they’ve decide to make Funky Squad their inspiration. There’s no John Cleese as Q (he didn’t die yet did he?) and instead the new Q looks like he escaped from The Arctic Monkeys. Also the new Moneypenny is a whole lot younger looking than Bond, and she can use a sniper rifle. The new M looks a bit like Liam Neeson. But it’s not Liam Neeson.

In this film there’s no ‘Bond girl’ and no gratuitous sex scenes. There’s one short, non-gratuitous sex scene. There was an underwater scene that reminded me a little of the underwater bit from the film version of Max Payne, that Mark Whalberg was in. The finale is a shootout in remote Scotland, which is similar to the finale of the (1998) film _B Monkey_.

In the middle of the film there’s a scene in a rather exotic looking Macao casino, where Bond is being attacked by three heavies. He, and one of the heavies, end up in a pit with large mystery-lizards in, and through some fancy footwork Bond evades the heavy and the heavy gets bitten and dragged away by the giant lizard. This was _very_ similar to what happened to Luke Skywalker in _Return Of The Jedi_ in the Rancor pit on Tatooine, right down to the Rancor keeper getting eaten by his own pet.


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