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A few months back I mentioned how there was a city-wide taxi strike and how no one was the worse off for it.

Tomorrow there’s going to be a nation-wide omnibus strike and I am fully expecting transiting the CBD to be a nightmare. I guess if you’ve ever wondered what the subway would like like if all the omnibus people were also crammed into it, then tomorrow’s your big day.

It’s about how the gummnt is proposing to reclassify taxis as public transport, which will apparently cost a whole lot, which will, apparently make omnibus ticket prices higher. I don’t know all the figures but it sounds stupid. Taxis are private industry. Not making enough money as a taxi driver? Get a different job. The other thing that sounds really stupid is that taxis will be able to use the omnibuslanes, which will I’m sure cause omnishambles.

*Update: 22/11/12, Title: OMG j/k*

The bus drivers were out for one hour then went back to work. The government admitted their idea was a stupid bunch of balls and deleted the bill proposing taxis be reclassified. Everything’s back to normal. Case closed.

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PS. this is a new filter/lens pak called Gangster Squad, which is a promo tie-in for the upcoming film of the same name. The circular film looks okay when it’s copied onto a white background but any other colour doesn’t really work. The lens doesn’t do much in the way of affect.

tuck in that shirt jaffe

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I just wanted drop a little classic Johnny DeMarco on you for old time’s sake. Also as a small message of thanks to the americans for deciding to not frack the hell out of your own land in some notion of becoming ‘energy independent’.

Also, at 38 years old I’ve finally started tucking my shirt in and it feels okay.

enjoy your lot

Nice article on bicycling in Berlin <a href=”″>here</a>. I tend to agree with their point that forcing people to wear helmets is keeping a lot of people from riding bikes and this is something that THE MAN doesn’t understand. I also seem to remember reading something somewhere that said that when the number of people riding reaches a certain point then helmets aren’t really necessary because a lot less chance that you’re going to get hit by a carĀ  because there are so few cars.

The article even compares Melbourne and Berlin and Melb has the big advantage in that it’s not suffering subzero temperatures 4 months a year. My answer is, find the sexiest, coolest looking helmet you can and rock that.

rambles from a big chair

I almost never go to the cinema because I don’t like to deal with peasants and their mobile phones spoiling my immersive experience. I guess it’s the darkness of the room, the loud surround sound and the fact that I can’t pause it every half hour to go to the toilet. It’s more like taking a bus in that I have to plan to go to the toilet before hand and hope that I don’t feel the need during the film because it’s annoying knowing that it’s continuing back in there and I’m missing it while I’m doing my thing.

And then when it finishes I’m ejected from a womb-like setting into the horrible bright world — where I bump off walls, am grumpy and cannot communicate for at least 20 minutes.

But J-e found a cinema where there’s only thirty (ultra comfy) seats. It was a bit spendy, and the other people in the cinema were still distracting but we went. And saw Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond movie. Click more for review including spoilage. Continue reading “rambles from a big chair”

Type slowly

I don’t know how it happens but weeks slip by quicker on this blog than they do in the outside world.

Nothing much earth-shattering to report. I’m quite enjoying Bad Piggies. More to think about than Angry Birds. Someone should gift this to Adrian Newey.

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Also quite enjoying <a href=””>Two Fingers'</a> album, Stunt Rhythms. Amon Tobin with some other dude, and mostly I’m liking it more than Tobin’s last two solo albums because it’s more reminiscent of the older, four on the floor style of his earlier albums.

Also, for decades I steered clear of anything audio-visually related to Joss Whedon because I’m just not into romantic-vampire tv-shows. But I came across a reference to the series Firefly, sci-fi in nature, so had a look while preparing to be disappointed. But actually it’s not too bad. The interesting thing is that the whole background universe structure was ripped from the table-top role playing game, Traveller.

I used to muck around with RPGs as a teenager and am now just having a look back at some of them. It’s pretty good fun and so unbelievably old-school compared to computer games. RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons were demonised by the old folks back then but I think if I had kids now I’d definitely be encouraging them to take up these games compared to whatever else is on the go in these modern times. Reading books, using a pencil and paper, (rolling dice), meeting up with a group of friends at someone’s house, listening to someone read descriptions and then using your brain in your head to _imagine_ those things, acting (without the walking around part). What’s not socially healthy about any of that?