Thanks to the harvest festival I have a whole week off. A real week off too. No getting up early to chatter with the great oil demon even. Sure, I just had two months off the day job for summer break – but I was still getting up early four days a week to do an hour work and traverse the underground subway zombies each side of it.

Interdesting article on boredom and the lack of it <a href=””>here</a> at slashy. I haven’t read the source articles yet but it’s something I think about often. For better or worse, Korea is an ultra-early adopter of all things electronic and portable. Even that by itself is topic enough for me to ponder on for several half-hours.

And if I wasn’t so polite and just took fotos of people without asking, then for every day I sit in a subway car facing a row of 7 or 8 people, I could show you a foto of 7 or 8 people with mobile electronic devices in their hands. Plinking away and staring into the RedGreenBlue.

But I’m not completely unoccupied either. I get irritated if someone’s talking on the phone because it’s almost always talking loudly on the phone. So I listen to podcasts. History and military history and a little fictive horror.

The internet has changed things. Living here in this hyper-frantic city has changed things. I can remember in earlier years lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling and for half an hour or more thinking about what it’d be like walking on the ceiling — stepping over the door-frames and such. I don’t know if life will ever get that slow again but I hope it does.

One thought on “alright”

  1. yes, ‘Slow’ will be the backlash. I hope it comes BEFORE I read an advert for a 5-star restaurant that boasts ‘we have
    wiFi access’
    One time on a strange tram I needed to ask directions but EVERYBODY had earpods or was on a handheld device. it was a scary moment.
    It is vile having to listen to MORONS screaming inanity into their phones on trains etc.
    wishing you a wild weekend

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