The Whopper Strategies

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I caught up with my old buddy Pirooz yesterday. He’s just publish a short book of his on Amazon for the kindle. I didn’t even know it was a book until just now. He just asked me to shill it on my blog and ok, whatever I think. I thought it was another audio-visual production of some kind. But it’s actually a story in written form, and it’s called, “<a href=””>The Whopper Strategies</a>”. I’m not 100% sure that it has anything to do with the Burgerking (Hungry Jacks in Australia) burger, called the Whopper, but from memory, when Pirooz mentioned this story several years ago, it is.

We were just talking yesterday, and I was saying that whereas mediums like film (Hollywood film, at least) and to a lesser extent television, and news-print journalism are all in a heavy state of decline, uncertainty and metamorphosis, electronic publishing — particularly systems like what amazon have set up through the kindle are actually creating a great opportunity for individual creative types.

So anyway, I’ve downloaded my sample of <a href=””>The Whopper Strategies</a> and I’ll probably even read it. I whole-heartedly endorse this product or event.

let’s go shopping

Since that last post I’ve been noticing how taxis are in all the wrong places. Blocking up laneway entrances, loitering in bus zones. Taxi driving here is one of those jobs you do when you’re not qualified (or not motivated to become qualified) to do anything else. But of course, it’s always the government’s fault because they hand out taxi-licenses by the fistfull. They’re required to run LPG fuel tanks, so they don’t contribute too much to the air pollution, but they really are like globules of bad stuff blocking up the arteries and capillaries of the city.

And I never thought I’d say this but even some of the buses are a pain. Specifically, the five different route that traverse down outside my window. Three blue and two green buses. Don’t get me wrong, I <3 public transport but this city and this country are the sole examples of PT being in oversupply, that I’ve seen at least. It’s rare that I see buses full. If they’re weren’t creating all that extra engine-grinding noise coming thru my summer window I wouldn’t care, I guess. It’s just weird when compared to every other country that a) never bothered with PT at all or b) is always looking for more excuses to slash more funding to PT. Last wednesday I took the intercity bus down to my work. It’s about a 25km journey. It costs less than $2AUD. There’s first stop where I get on, then it goes express for three quarters of the way, then it gets into the neighbourhood where I work. Last Wed. I was the only one on the bus the whole way. The bus comes every 12 minutes.

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