Having said all that about the TDF, of course I would like to see Cadel Evans win again but I get the feel that he’s got a case of the Geelongs about him in that he may seem to be doing well but will disappoint you in the end.
But the Englishman Wiggins seems pretty cool. You gotta respect a guy who keeps a decent, and thus aerodynamically detrimental pair of sideys on his face when they’re talking about ultra hi-tech equipment designed to shave seconds out of a 40km ride.
I’d also like to see the new Australian team Orica Greenedge do well. Hopefully Goss can get the green jersey.

2 thoughts on “addendum”

  1. “… he may seem to be doing well but will disappoint you in the end.”—I probably never told you that I worked in Geelong for several years between 2008 and 2011. So yeah, I find this very fucking funny!

    By the way, Lachy, if you would like to meet in Vietnam between September and November this year, I would be most grateful. If not, no biggie, as long as you are well.

    Regards, Joe

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