The grey flannel suit

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I’ve been doing a little extra work in the early mornings talking to bidnessmen. The pay is okay, and it’d better want to be to be getting me up early during summer holidays. It’s in their building which in the middle of one if the city’s CBDs. The building, like absolutely every tall building in Seoul, is nothing to look at on the outside, but inside is quite nice. It’s really huge. Twenty-six floors and it’s all one company. I’ve only seen a couple of floors that are mostly made up of conference rooms but it’s all quite spacious. It’s mind-boggling how big-business works. How does it work? How much energy does this building use? There is air-conditioning, but it’s subtle and not used in all areas. None of the windows open. What would it be like with no air-con? Unusable? I don’t know.

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