The Whopper Strategies

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I caught up with my old buddy Pirooz yesterday. He’s just publish a short book of his on Amazon for the kindle. I didn’t even know it was a book until just now. He just asked me to shill it on my blog and ok, whatever I think. I thought it was another audio-visual production of some kind. But it’s actually a story in written form, and it’s called, “<a href=””>The Whopper Strategies</a>”. I’m not 100% sure that it has anything to do with the Burgerking (Hungry Jacks in Australia) burger, called the Whopper, but from memory, when Pirooz mentioned this story several years ago, it is.

We were just talking yesterday, and I was saying that whereas mediums like film (Hollywood film, at least) and to a lesser extent television, and news-print journalism are all in a heavy state of decline, uncertainty and metamorphosis, electronic publishing — particularly systems like what amazon have set up through the kindle are actually creating a great opportunity for individual creative types.

So anyway, I’ve downloaded my sample of <a href=””>The Whopper Strategies</a> and I’ll probably even read it. I whole-heartedly endorse this product or event.

3 thoughts on “The Whopper Strategies”

  1. first, it’s a nifty title. will click link next. I wish him the success he wishes for himself.

    yes newsprint in decline, but not because of failure by Readers, real Readers love pages as well as their Kindles.
    It’s the lowbrow purchasers who are buying less print; now getting their race results from the same website they place their bets through, their scandal from and their supermarket Specials promo by email subscription.

  2. woo hoo – cop these:

    ‘With the innocence of an infant and the sharp knife of the satirist, Mr. Kalayeh has constructed a world that trips lightly across one’s retina and at the same time burrows deep into one’s heart. He holds a feather in one hand and a burning torch in the other, to tickle and tease with the former and burn away all illusion with the latter. The Whopper Strategies, like the best of tales, delights, thrills, bludgeons, cajoles and enlightens.
    —Marlowe Fawcett, director of The Other Half.

    The Whopper Strategies is like a techno blast to the gut
    —Noah Cicero, author of Best Behavior’

    1. Yes, I downloaded the kindled sample but unfortunately it’s one of those badly proportioned ones. They’re usually meant to be about 10% of the book, but for this it’s all the front matter, the contents pages and that’s it. None of the actual story itself. That won’t help sales.

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