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I’m watching through the third season of Kojak, made in 1975 and Edward James Olmos popped up in one of his first credited TV roles.

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The whole show jumped the shark somewhere a few episodes back. I’m trying to stay positive about it. It happens to all TV series’ and it doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be any good stories come up again. Actually it’s a real Greek-fest. I’d say it was pretty unusual for it’s time because there’s whole episodes that centre on the greek community in NY, alludes to Greek culture or have Greek incidental characters. I know it’s about Telly Savalas but it’s not as if he wrote all the shows.

The other week I was wasting time before work and found that there’s a few episodes of the old Australian quiz show Sale of the Century on youtoob. It was an absolute trip watching a couple of episodes. Sale was always on around dinnertime in the loungeroom at my family house. I know Victoria Nichols was the first giftshop lady but the one I remember the best is <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delvene_Delaney”>Delvene Delaney</a>. What a fucken great name that is – Delvene. It’s extremely unlikely of ever happening but if I ever have children, and the child is a girl, you know I’ll be lobbying hard for the name Delvene.

Anyway, I hope the whole ten years or whatever it was of Sale makes it across the digital divide because it’s cool to see all these awesome things that they had in the giftshop, and the contestants’ hair styles and Tony Barber’s energy, which reminds me just a little of william Shatner’s.

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Having said all that about the TDF, of course I would like to see Cadel Evans win again but I get the feel that he’s got a case of the Geelongs about him in that he may seem to be doing well but will disappoint you in the end.
But the Englishman Wiggins seems pretty cool. You gotta respect a guy who keeps a decent, and thus aerodynamically detrimental pair of sideys on his face when they’re talking about ultra hi-tech equipment designed to shave seconds out of a 40km ride.
I’d also like to see the new Australian team Orica Greenedge do well. Hopefully Goss can get the green jersey.

Is this not a stone I see before me?

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Pissed out and retrieved another kidney stone last night. Strangely there wasn’t much pain at all. The other morning I felt a familiar twinge and thought I was going to have one of those weeks but started drinking a lot of water. The same last night and I guess it must’ve already been through the kidney. The crystals in this one are darker than the last. Don’t know what that means.

In other news, for the first time in 7 years I’ve been able to watch the tour de france, thanks to the internet. I’m getting torrents of the SBS australia highlights show, and the full (UK sport or some such) coverage if I want. Fantastic to see again, although SBS’ style has become increasingly commercial, and the race-coverage itself seems highly orchestrated — spending a bit too much time of the tourism cha-ching cashola.

I don’t know what the official policy is, but I’m under the impression that SBS have a hiring policy where they hire people from immigrant backgrounds – as in their parents migrated from somewhere else. Anyway, it’s good to see/hear that SBS must also think of country australians as an underprivileged group deserving special consideration, because <a href=”http://www.sbs.com.au/cyclingcentral/kate-bates/blog/126450/why-wiggins-is-a-sporting-hero”>Kate Bates</a> is doing the inteviews on the Tour this year. They talk funny, they use strange expressions, they’re usually from poor background and if you thought they were weird, then take a look at their parents — rural australians. Let’s help them.

I have respect for the riders because it’s such a painful sport to devote yourself to, but when they’ve been having these big crashes and they’re all lying on the side of the road or whatever, they do look kind of pathetic, like upside-down turtles. Also, Peter Sagan: doping -> without a doubt.

The grey flannel suit

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I’ve been doing a little extra work in the early mornings talking to bidnessmen. The pay is okay, and it’d better want to be to be getting me up early during summer holidays. It’s in their building which in the middle of one if the city’s CBDs. The building, like absolutely every tall building in Seoul, is nothing to look at on the outside, but inside is quite nice. It’s really huge. Twenty-six floors and it’s all one company. I’ve only seen a couple of floors that are mostly made up of conference rooms but it’s all quite spacious. It’s mind-boggling how big-business works. How does it work? How much energy does this building use? There is air-conditioning, but it’s subtle and not used in all areas. None of the windows open. What would it be like with no air-con? Unusable? I don’t know.