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It was the school sports festival last week. It was good partly because it made it a light work-week for me but also because it was good to watch some of the departments going head to head. I don’t know who won overall but the Emergency Medical Technicians seemed pretty strong, as was Physical Therapy. I suppose it’s all the battering and pounding of chests they do. There seems to be a lot more ‘school spirit’ at this place compared to the last place I worked — and a lot less drinking. All up I’m still thanking my lucky stars for the myriad of little things that’ve improved between last year and this.

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  1. I really liked a quote I saw on theBBC obit. Donald was talking about early on and he first picked up a guitar but there were too many strings! Bass had 4 strings so it was easier. — Great to see a professional muso would admit to that – and it’s something I can identify with. I play guitar these days but at heart really I’m a bassist. That was what I first picked up.

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