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What I’m enjoying this week: Bald Guy brand Chinese pickles. Only available: from china. I love tearing open a new packet and getting that limey chinese pickle smell. J-e is in Tsingtao for a few weeks for work and has promised to bring back a big haul of bald guy pickles. There’s four variations. I like them all.

There’s a little nugget of wisdom from the eastern mind. Although what it fails to consider is the anti-carb lobby that has been waging a propaganda war against the potato for some time now, in the west at least. I tell ya though, what the west does take for granted is the price of potatoes. Damn expensive here. I don’t really know why either. The carbohydrate-food lobby needs to get together with the gluten-food lobby and form a united front the way red meat & eggs have, in the west at least. People love gluten here. You can buy star-shaped gluten treats at Dunkin Donuts.


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  1. Thanks to just having a weekend guest requiring a gluten-free diet, I now love Zehnder’s Pumpkin bread.

    I also love potatoes. Mashed. baked. boiled, & sour cream. chipped & tomato sauce. cold potato salad & mayo.
    The filthy English starved-out the Irish with the potato famine and I don’t take them for granted. Now I have a dfixed address after 5 years On The Road and I have potatoes growing in a vegetable garden.

    Those pickles are red and yellow? not green?

    Comment by Ann O'Dyne — March 13, 2012 @ 7:10 pm
  2. we got ‘bun and chewy’ – ultra-cheap, delicious globs of baked bread with fat and sugar.

    Comment by joe — March 17, 2012 @ 7:09 pm

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