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I was out at the airport on Friday to pick up the g/f from her bidness trip to china. She brought back a load of pickles. There was heaps of coppers and security dudes at the airport. Apparently there is some big do on in the city during the next couple of days.

I have to say the change from last year’s job to this one is a step up. It sounds crazy but I’m only working two days a week. Even I, with my advanced abilities to handle slackerdom, am unsure if this is the right time of life for me to be ascending to the two-day working week/5 day weekend. I mean, once you go there, it’s hard to go back. Admittedly, the two days are long days. I have morning classes and I have night classes so I’m stuck down there all day with large chunks of waiting around. The best parts are that the students are pretty easy to get along with. I am a little surprised that their level of English isn’t that much higher than the last place but their willingness to fall in line and stay there is much better, and that lowers the all-round stress levels. Also, the boy students don’t smoke in the toilets! This is unheard of in tertiary institutions in this country, as far as I know. And students in general are friendlier – they say hello in the halls even when they don’t know you.

I’m liking angry birds’ latest iteration, angry birds in space. It’s quite involved getting those orbital trajectories right.

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day at the rat races

What I’m enjoying this week: Bald Guy brand Chinese pickles. Only available: from china. I love tearing open a new packet and getting that limey chinese pickle smell. J-e is in Tsingtao for a few weeks for work and has promised to bring back a big haul of bald guy pickles. There’s four variations. I like them all.

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There’s a little nugget of wisdom from the eastern mind. Although what it fails to consider is the anti-carb lobby that has been waging a propaganda war against the potato for some time now, in the west at least. I tell ya though, what the west does take for granted is the price of potatoes. Damn expensive here. I don’t really know why either. The carbohydrate-food lobby needs to get together with the gluten-food lobby and form a united front the way red meat & eggs have, in the west at least. People love gluten here. You can buy star-shaped gluten treats at Dunkin Donuts.