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After raggin’ on Jakarta/Indonesia I thought it was worth mentioning a couple of positives.

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On the sunday morning I was walking around I found that a couple of major-looking wide streets were closed to cars and a whole load of bycyclists had gathered and were leisurely hangin laps of this big circuit (near the Hi Plaza). I don’t know if it is a regular thing or if it was some kind of _____-a-thon (probably not) but it had a good vibe. There was these two guys on spring-loaded stilts getting their jump on. The future of personal transport? There was also some people in old-timey get-up with old-timey bicycles.

From what I saw of it, I quite like the Indo-bahasa approach to English use in its own culture. I’m often critical of Korea in this area, and after seeing Indonesia I can see how Korea is much closer to Japan when it comes to mixing English into its own advertising, signage and stuff like that. I didn’t see much in the way of bad spelling/grammar where English was used in Jakarta. (In fact the one I most commonly saw was the “It’s Note!” Samsung sign; Korea: spreading bad grammar throughout SE Asia).

This is a good eg. of the lateral approach I saw in Jakarta:

<a href=”” title=”Untitled by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”374″ height=”500″ alt=””></a>

Anyway, I think I discovered an untapped market: forced holidays for people’s own good. Do you have a friend or family member who’s in a rut, and is ungrateful about everything around them? We’ll bail them up and send them to some place where things are a lot less plush than what they’re used to. When they get back they’ll see life in a whole new light.

I moved into the part of Seoul that was just ranked as having the highest internet d/load speeds in the whole world. I just watched a WRC rally montecarlo video file come through at 10Mb/s. That’s faster than I can transfer to usb.

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PS. I’ve discovered that if I’m in the Northern hemisphere then I’m more productive (writing-wise) if the main window is facing north. And if I’m in the south, then it’s south. Unfortunately the pot-plants don’t do as well.

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    1. The benefit of having a huge population in a small land area make subsidizing broadband and public transport worthwhile — two things I’ve become used to while living here.

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