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So anyway, not much to report from Melbourne. I must’ve done everything there is to do last time around. God it’s boring. And expensive. I can’t imagine what those French and loud-speaking chinese tourists that keep following me around must be thinking. They’d be thinking that with the Aussie dollar at one to one they could’ve gone to Pittsburg and been involved in a real life mugging.

Here’s two things I can do without: newspapers and tv news. All the news readers have developed this annoying habit of stepping the pitch in their voices every few words. They’ll be talking like this then all of a sudden it’s like that. I guess they think people can’t listen to a normal sentence without getting bored. Maybe they should try not repeating the same rubbish every 15minutes.
Newspapers are like being at one of those functions or parties with a bunch of loud over-opinionated people and you just wish you could leave. And they can’t write a simple informative headline anymore either, it’s all got to be some clever play on words that come off like its been done by a 15 year old. The same journalists are in the same positions and it’s looking very tired. Charles wright was writing about a freaking remote controlled helicopter in the green guide last week, for goodness sake. There’s nothing more interesting in technology going down than that???

I’ve just been keeping my head down and reading. I read a couple of Joseph Conrad stories- Typhoon, a sea of china story about a typhoon, and The Secret Agent, which is the first of his I’ve read that doesn’t involved boats and water. I like the way that he describes characters but sometimes I get to thinking the only difference between a short story and a novel is that there’s a whole lot more description on the side and the same amount of plot. That’s not just about Conrad, but in general.
I’m reading a book about Portland Oregon by chuck palahnuik, whose name I’d always misread as chuck pallinchuck. He should change his name to that or maybe chuck palindrome. Anyway he must be a talented writer because he can make Portland sound like an interesting place full of interesting things to see. Someone should see if that’s possible with Melbourne.

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    1. A little homesick perhaps? I have to say I am liking not have to smell someone’s cigarette smoke every 50 feet down the street, and the quiet, dark nights for uninterrupted sleep.

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