reflections in the haze

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It’s the first Indian grand prix this weekend. Looks rather smoggy and dusty there, just north of new dehli. The event may rival korea’s first race, last year, for chaos levels. Five minutes into the first practice a dog ran on the track. Loads of stray dogs romping around apparently. But the track does look more interesting than some of the other recently-designed efforts. I quite liked this moment, above, fernando Alonso’s car conked out and he was sitting on a cement block below the big screen, then turned around and watched the replay of himself coming to a stop.

One thought on “reflections in the haze”

  1. the cars weigh less than a dog so a collision is going to be bad for both and I pray for the poor dogs.
    Yes – sort of funny that Alonso gets an instant replay of ‘what just happened?’ vroom vroom

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