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The circus (formula 1) is in town (the country) this week. The weather’s been poor today for practice but it’s supposed to be better on the weekend for the actual racing. I (we) decided not to go this year after it being such a schamozzle last year. Actually, my girlfriend j-e was still wanting to go but the good just doesn’t outweigh the bad. Besides, it’s on telly.

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It’s Autumn.

*updatermaus- 17/10/11*: I watched the GP on telly. I was better than last year, in that it was actually run this year, and the organisers say that they sole a lot of tickets but from what I could see I would say that the grandstands were only 60-70 per cent full. As the comentray teams pointed out, no real development has happened around the track, where it’s proposed urban structures will be placed. I don’t see much chance that the track or the project will be successful. The contract will end in 2016 and the jeollanam-do govt will be however many tens of million dollars in the hole. I think they should have tried to do a street circuit around Incheon/Song-do, and run it at night the way Singapore do. There’d be a bit of outlay to get the lighting infrastructure sorted, but the light-pollution is already so heavy that it souldn’t take much to get the light levels up to what the FIA require.

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