Footy, Footy, Footy!

I don’t think I could watch the aussie rules football regularly even if I wanted to. The Dickensian bandwidth limits imposed by the ISPs there mean that not much coverage from TV there gets uploaded to the outside world. I managed to grab the Hawthorn vs Collingwood game from a week or two back and was amazed to see how many people were at the MCG, in the crowd. Mum always tells me how huge footy is in the press there and how it squeezes out the variety of other sports (or _shudder_, cultural events) but from the outside looking in, most of the rest of the world doesn’t know footy exists.

Hooray for Geelong winning yesterday. I’m sure I’ve written on here how I was traumatised as a teenager, going to two Grand Finals and seeing them lose both. I’d started to think it was my fault and that I had some sort of neurotic tendency to choose to support the team or competitor based on them performing in a way whereby they’d tantalise me with the hope of victory then cruelly let me down at the last moment. This is despite the fact that the Geelong Cats were chosen for me as part of being in the family I’m in.

I can’t find it now but there was a moment where the fresh-faced, mildly hair-styled youngster, Hawkins, kicked a goal for Geelong and the camera cuts to a row of Public School boys (probably Geelong Grammar) sitting in the stand, watching, not clapping. They are Geelong the city, and Hawkins is Geelong the team. The good thing is that he did alright: took a few good marks and kicked a few important goals.

I like how OPSM advertise on the back of the umpires’ clothing. That’s clever. There was one huge error made by a goal umpire. I don’t know why footy doesn’t have an adjudication system where evidence from camera footage can rule over bad choices, like in tennis, cricket and every other sport in the 21st century.

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