Sunny Breaks salutes: Angela Lansbury

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The Deadly Toys Affair, a second season episode of The Man From U.N.C.L.E had Angela Lansbury as one of its guest stars, and she pretty much stole the show. At this stage of the Uncle series its starting to go more over the top and she was really hamming it up. That was 1965. I love the pillarless sedans of 1965. UNCLE is full of them. So was The Invaders. I was thinking Lansbury must have had a pretty good run if that was the 60s and Murder She Wrote was 80s. But after looking up her filmog on wikipedia I see that that was only part of it. Born in 1925! Even still being alive is an achievement, but actually _doing stuff_ on top of that?: Ms. Lansbury we salute you.

I don’t know what it would’ve been like growing up during the war. But that aside, 1925 would have been a pretty choice time to be born–being 25 at 1950, especially in boomtime, US. Mostly I’m thinking the west coast, Leo Fender, the Telecaster, the colour called <a href=””>Mary Kay</a>. I don’t know why they call it that.

2 thoughts on “Sunny Breaks salutes: Angela Lansbury”

  1. isn’t she fabulous. I went to imdb too – what a CV: Dorian Gray, National Velvet, and an Elvis movie!

    the Fender pale pink MaryKay is because MKay sellers get a car that colour as an award when they reach mega sales the only one I have actually seen on the road was in Queensland.

    re Robert Vaughn – I did enjoy Hustle series 1, and did you know that director Matthew Vaughn grew up thinking Robert was his father but in fact his actual father was a titled guy whose name I forget. as phil larkin famously wrote ‘they fk you up your mum and dad’.

  2. That’s interesting about the mary kay colour. I thought that colour on a tele was older than that. I’ve got a real thing for the old basic teles at the moment, and the Bakersfield sound — or the buck owenns/don rich sound.

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