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BBC have a little look at The Clash song, London Calling, which is being used to promote the coming Olympics. I often think if I was in advertising I’d pitch ideas like that. Like using Beasts of Bourbon song Black Milk to sell… milk.

The end of the article touches on a good point that I’d expand on, that being zombies, meltdowns and wheat growing thin are already happening but everything’s okay. Everything’s okay in London so why not let us have a multi-million dollar orgy of sport, nationalism and clothing brand endorsements.

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  1. Anarchy in The UK would be more appropriate for what happens to any olympic city.

    ‘you can hardly hear a song featuring nuclear accidents, food crises and civil unrest and dismiss it as dated.’ … the melody will have a positive effect on anyone who was a student at the time of its release, and by now, those kids are at their peak earning power, and fit the olympic ticket buyer demographic. or not. I loathe everything the olympics have become. disgusting bribery and excess commercialisation. quite evil. and as for all those over-chlorinated 15-y-olds who have trained away their childhood …

    Comment by Ann ODyne — August 3, 2011 @ 10:01 pm

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