the sun’s zooming in

<a href=”″>BBC</a> have a little look at The Clash song, London Calling, which is being used to promote the coming Olympics. I often think if I was in advertising I’d pitch ideas like that. Like using Beasts of Bourbon song <a href=””>Black Milk</a> to sell… milk.

The end of the article touches on a good point that I’d expand on, that being <a href=”″>zombies</a>, <a href=””>meltdowns</a> and <a href=”″>wheat growing thin</a> are already happening but everything’s okay. Everything’s okay in London so why not let us have a multi-million dollar orgy of sport, nationalism and clothing brand endorsements.

One thought on “the sun’s zooming in”

  1. Anarchy in The UK would be more appropriate for what happens to any olympic city.

    ‘you can hardly hear a song featuring nuclear accidents, food crises and civil unrest and dismiss it as dated.’ … the melody will have a positive effect on anyone who was a student at the time of its release, and by now, those kids are at their peak earning power, and fit the olympic ticket buyer demographic. or not. I loathe everything the olympics have become. disgusting bribery and excess commercialisation. quite evil. and as for all those over-chlorinated 15-y-olds who have trained away their childhood …

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