spaces in Lion

Apple, you idiots. Why did you wreck up the spaces function in the new version of os x? People think three dimensionally. You should’ve been working towards designing for that. You had spaces working two dimensionally via a grid of four desktops and that was good, but you went backward to one dimension.

I’m all for new features but make sure that the status quo can be maintained by those who want to stay with it.


People, if you agree, please leave a comment. Maybe apple will see this and think about re-implementing the old 2×2 spaces.

6 thoughts on “spaces in Lion”

  1. Damn straight sparky. It’s like being a cat and your owner taking you to the vet for “just a check-up” and then being carried out minus your testicles.

  2. Totally agree!
    I had 3×3 spaces.
    Can’t imagine going through 9 spaces in line all the time.
    Spaces were one of the reasons I loved Leopard and SL. It was one of the features which made my productivity much higher, ’cause I use many applications at the same time.
    Why isn’t there an option to make it grid again? 🙁
    I think I’ll have wait for them to fix this before upgrading to Lion.

    1. Damn straight, rito. Although I wouldn’t hold my breath for them to fix this. After reading a bunch of articles and reviews I tend to agree with the theory that Lion is the beginning of a transition toward merging OS X and iOS. Really not a wise move on apple’s part.
      The most we can hope for is that a third party developer will create something like the old spaces, that we will then have to pay for.

  3. So glad to hear other people having the same problem. With a 2×2 grid, I could get from any one space to any other in a single motion. Now, even the animation to change spaces is slower. I also used to frequently use Expose+Spaces to quickly drag and drop windows from one space to another, or use the spacebar to preview windows in many spaces in a matter of seconds.

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