robot new york

It’s funny that <a href=”″>this</a> news-a-bit should come up now about robots. Quite amusing to see them walking around in various odd ways. Just recently I was buying an electric shaver, the last one quitting it (more or less) after 7 or so good years. But I had this short, weird thought after the sales guy had done well at being helpful and I’d surprised myself by getting enthusiastic and deciding, ‘yeah, I _do_ want to buy this shaver today’. We went over to the cash register and he handed me over to another person, and I thought wouldn’t it be funny if he went back to where he was standing and went into a static, standby mode until the next customer came along.

Also, this morning I was at the local, large supermarket, Home+, and as can often be the place on weekdays during business hours, there was almost no other customers there. There was plenty of staff doing all the things they do but again it occurred to me that one day in the future I could be there like that and really be the only person in the place because all the shelf-stockers and salespeople are human-looking and sounding robots.

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