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<a href=”″>BBC</a> have a little look at The Clash song, London Calling, which is being used to promote the coming Olympics. I often think if I was in advertising I’d pitch ideas like that. Like using Beasts of Bourbon song <a href=””>Black Milk</a> to sell… milk.

The end of the article touches on a good point that I’d expand on, that being <a href=”″>zombies</a>, <a href=””>meltdowns</a> and <a href=”″>wheat growing thin</a> are already happening but everything’s okay. Everything’s okay in London so why not let us have a multi-million dollar orgy of sport, nationalism and clothing brand endorsements.

like dolphins can swim

Update- (7/8/11) For all the Singapore, Malaysian and even Brunei people coming here looking for the oksu station ghost comic, the one you are looking for is <a href=””>here</a>.

If you don’t read hangeul and are interested in what it says, I’m told it’s basically, the boy says on his phone, check out the drunk girl. Takes a foto and sends it to his friend. The girl is swaying around but she’s not drunk! She’s being guided by a poltergeist, that throws her on the tracks.


<a href=”” title=”Halftone eg by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”240″ height=”240″ alt=”Halftone eg”></a>

Been having mild amounts of fun with an iphone app called Halftone. It takes an existing foto and adds newsprint style ink dots, then you can add captions and whatnot. It has a lot of potential but the more I think about it, cartoons don’t really look like that. Maybe it’s not supposed to be a straight out comic strip thing.

Please excuse the lashings of Marvel-standard story device cliches.

<a href=”” title=”IMG_0500 by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”500″ alt=”IMG_0500″></a>

<a href=”” title=”IMG_0503 by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”500″ alt=”IMG_0503″></a>

<a href=”” title=”IMG_0502 by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”500″ alt=”IMG_0502″></a>

I didn’t use all of the features in these. You can also put things like “Mint!” over the image.

The funny thing is, Jongers told me later that there is actually a korean comic about a ghost at oksu station. She says she hasn’t read it because it’s too freaky. Little things they could do to improve this thing are: being able to switch to bold within a sentence. You’re stuck with the one style of typeface within each text bubble. I would’ve liked the above to read, “…wreak havoc on *our* world!”

Also, I’m a bit fed up with how upload facilities are so proprietary and cliquey. What these foto-adjunct apps needs is a standard format of address string that the user can input to be their nominated place to upload to rather than favouring the one or two mega-big “social networking” sites. For eg, halftone gives me the choice of upping to facebook, twitter or emailing it — no flickr, so it’s a pain in the arse for me. Similarly, hipstamatic, with each new update, is making it more and more difficult for me to send my fotos to flickr.


I’ve never really understood how wrapped up some people can get in comics. I had a couple of The Phantom comics I got in a showbag once as a kid but that’s it. But after my lame-arse attempt above, I can appreciate the techniques involved in telling a story with both words and pictures and not having any redundancy take practice.

revenge b served

<a href=”” title=”mike-d by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”392″ alt=”mike-d”></a>

Beastie Boys did a another video for a song from Host Sauce Committee Pt.2, and again it’s very cool. It’s got zombie assassins, a yeti flying a helicopter, Spike Jonze directing and even little Orange amps. You’ve got to be envious of the pulling-power they have just because of who they are. I bet when they thought this up they rang up Hasbro and said, Hi it’s the beastie boys and we’d like to make action figures of ourselves, can you help? And Hasbro said Sure, no problem.

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spaces in Lion

Apple, you idiots. Why did you wreck up the spaces function in the new version of os x? People think three dimensionally. You should’ve been working towards designing for that. You had spaces working two dimensionally via a grid of four desktops and that was good, but you went backward to one dimension.

I’m all for new features but make sure that the status quo can be maintained by those who want to stay with it.


People, if you agree, please leave a comment. Maybe apple will see this and think about re-implementing the old 2×2 spaces.


I’ve been watching downloads of espn’s highlights shows of this year’s World Rally Championship. I’ve never really been into rally driving but it’s been a refreshing change of pace from formula 1 and its good watching the whole lot in one go rather than seeing an event then waiting a month for the next thing to happen.

The places they go to are hot, (or freezing) dusty and a long way from the glamour of places like Monaco. Before the race, F1 drivers usually have lackeys standing behind them holding an umbrella for shade. Rally drivers have to change their own tyres and fix their own cars. And because of the kinds of roads they drive on I’d say they’re just as talented as the f1 drivers.

Also I have to say I’ve got a bit of a man-crush on Sebastien Loeb. I’d heard his name before because he’s won the championship 7 times but it was really cool to see a world-class driver who seems so down to earth. Apparently he was a gymnast (lol, those french) until 21yo and stumbled into rally after that. (Big diff. to F1 where the drivers are basically bread out of test-tubes now.) And he’s the same ages as me. He looks like a French, rallyin’ version of Russell Crowe.

<a href=”” title=”sebastian-loeb by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”276″ alt=”sebastian-loeb”></a>

Most of the top drivers are scandanavian – Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish and I have to say that living where I live, doing what I do, I’m very impressed with their English-speaking ability. It’s like they’re in an in-between category – not quite native-speakers of English, but far beyond English as a 2nd language.

Each driver has a co-driver/navigator which makes for some interesting in-car dynamics. There’s no way that any driver could remember the layout of the routes they drive so the co-driver gives them instruction of what kind of corner is coming up. The driver has to have complete faith in what they’re told is correct because when they go barrelling into these blind corners the difference between being told it’s a mild corner and a sharp one can be the difference between getting around it smoothly or rolling down the side of a cliff.

The Finland rally is on this coming weekend.

robot new york

It’s funny that <a href=”″>this</a> news-a-bit should come up now about robots. Quite amusing to see them walking around in various odd ways. Just recently I was buying an electric shaver, the last one quitting it (more or less) after 7 or so good years. But I had this short, weird thought after the sales guy had done well at being helpful and I’d surprised myself by getting enthusiastic and deciding, ‘yeah, I _do_ want to buy this shaver today’. We went over to the cash register and he handed me over to another person, and I thought wouldn’t it be funny if he went back to where he was standing and went into a static, standby mode until the next customer came along.

Also, this morning I was at the local, large supermarket, Home+, and as can often be the place on weekdays during business hours, there was almost no other customers there. There was plenty of staff doing all the things they do but again it occurred to me that one day in the future I could be there like that and really be the only person in the place because all the shelf-stockers and salespeople are human-looking and sounding robots.