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It’s rainy season here. A trend caught on a year or so back of young women wearing gumboots on rainy days. My guess is this was copied from Tokyo. And someone’s laughing all the way to the banking website because apparently the flashier, patterned gummies go for around W100,000 (about 87AUD). Amusing, considering that usually only the most hardcore of farmers would wear their gumboots into town in Australia, or even moreso _New Zealand_, my goodness how these constant sightings make me think of New Zealand.

Conversely, sensible headwear like a broad-brimmed hat is becoming more and more acceptable (cool? certainly neccesary) in Australia but here large straw hats are still only worn by peasants, and you are a peasant if you wear one.


I see I beat The Pope to twitter by only a week or two. And he already has 30 thousand followers but, as the news tells me, follows no one.  And I finally got to look at an ipad2 today and it was enough to dissuade me from the temptation of buying one. The viewable area is still too small and the on-screen keypad had no bleeding apostrophe! It was just the same level of inconvenient-functionality that I deal with when using the iphone to write something. I thought it might’ve been good for reading things on but I don’t know. I don’t think the paper book has anything to worry about for a while yet.


ps. Standby for short intermittentcy as Sunny Breaks dot aug moves to a different host and re-propagates.

One thought on “fashion”

  1. “laughing all the way to the banking website … ”
    oh (holding sides) oh!

    when it is too muddy between the house and the ute,
    one often sees the boots changed for the topsiders
    in the carpark of the Colac supermarket before going around town.

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