dissertation: finished

Finally. And god I hope that’s the end. I hope it doesn’t get sent back with the note, please do this, this and this. It’s mediocre for sure but hopefully the prof will quietly let it through as long as we promise never to speak of it again. I don’t know if I complained about it on here before, but I just don’t know if teenage-minded me and the real teenagers for real are built to complete things that take that long to finish. It’s ADHD I tell you. It’s the internet. It takes supreme will power to read anything longer than 4000 words, let alone write it. They (“THEY”) really should think about changing the way dissertations are done.

There’s been a steady decline in the interestingness of this blog in the last two or three years. I feel like all I ever talk about is what I’ve been watching/listening to or other pop. culture things. Also, my writing style has become more pompous. Today is the beginning of the long walk back from boring.

First, I’m thinking of moving SBs onto a different webhost because I am starting to feel I have out-worn my welcome at hostcentral. It’s hard to say but the only thing I hear from them these days is the robots saying I’m using too much space. The place where I’m thinking of moving to offers a free domain name upon registration, and since I already have one, sunnybreaks.org, there’s the poss. of another. I used to have theredshoes.net, and the intention was I would take photos of anyone I saw wearing red shoes and put them on there, but it never happened.

Choosing a domain always blows my mind because there’s so many. But common ones are all gone, for eg. thebigcheese.com — good, but gone. However, while telling me it’s unavailable, computer suggests to me, “freethebigcheese.com” or “thebigcheesegroup.net”. This kind of stuff gets me my jollies.

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