“Announce your sack buddy publicly”

This was the slogan of a govt funded public awareness(?) campaign that I was in the focus group for. It was a smallish group – my girlfriend and I, a couple that I knew from back in Geelong and some other people. This happened in a dream. This morning I assumed that I must’ve collected the phrase ‘sack buddy’ from somewhere in waking life but doing a search of it doesn’t bring up the same meaning, and an image search mostly shows sulphur-crested cockatoos and something to do with a computer game.

One thought on ““Announce your sack buddy publicly””

  1. cockatoos and computers is a more benign result than I would have thought.
    Your subconscious definitely needs help.
    I will confess my worst dream lately had Madonna in it. we were in a war zone and she was laundering her camouflage-patterned lingerie and hanging it all over the tanks.
    maybe we should both get therapy.

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