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It’s rainy season here. A trend caught on a year or so back of young women wearing gumboots on rainy days. My guess is this was copied from Tokyo. And someone’s laughing all the way to the banking website because apparently the flashier, patterned gummies go for around W100,000 (about 87AUD). Amusing, considering that usually only the most hardcore of farmers would wear their gumboots into town in Australia, or even moreso _New Zealand_, my goodness how these constant sightings make me think of New Zealand.

Conversely, sensible headwear like a broad-brimmed hat is becoming more and more acceptable (cool? certainly neccesary) in Australia but here large straw hats are still only worn by peasants, and you are a peasant if you wear one.


I see I beat The Pope to twitter by only a week or two. And he already has 30 thousand followers but, as the news tells me, follows no one.  And I finally got to look at an ipad2 today and it was enough to dissuade me from the temptation of buying one. The viewable area is still too small and the on-screen keypad had no bleeding apostrophe! It was just the same level of inconvenient-functionality that I deal with when using the iphone to write something. I thought it might’ve been good for reading things on but I don’t know. I don’t think the paper book has anything to worry about for a while yet.


ps. Standby for short intermittentcy as Sunny Breaks dot aug moves to a different host and re-propagates.

dissertation: finished

Finally. And god I hope that’s the end. I hope it doesn’t get sent back with the note, please do this, this and this. It’s mediocre for sure but hopefully the prof will quietly let it through as long as we promise never to speak of it again. I don’t know if I complained about it on here before, but I just don’t know if teenage-minded me and the real teenagers for real are built to complete things that take that long to finish. It’s ADHD I tell you. It’s the internet. It takes supreme will power to read anything longer than 4000 words, let alone write it. They (“THEY”) really should think about changing the way dissertations are done.

There’s been a steady decline in the interestingness of this blog in the last two or three years. I feel like all I ever talk about is what I’ve been watching/listening to or other pop. culture things. Also, my writing style has become more pompous. Today is the beginning of the long walk back from boring.

First, I’m thinking of moving SBs onto a different webhost because I am starting to feel I have out-worn my welcome at hostcentral. It’s hard to say but the only thing I hear from them these days is the robots saying I’m using too much space. The place where I’m thinking of moving to offers a free domain name upon registration, and since I already have one,, there’s the poss. of another. I used to have, and the intention was I would take photos of anyone I saw wearing red shoes and put them on there, but it never happened.

Choosing a domain always blows my mind because there’s so many. But common ones are all gone, for eg. — good, but gone. However, while telling me it’s unavailable, computer suggests to me, “” or “”. This kind of stuff gets me my jollies.

the noise of small birds

Well you can’t spell twitter without twit and I have been quite resistant to the so-called, _”social media”_ but since my studies are wrapping up I have a little more time to really get down and grok what twitter is all about. However I maintain that I am never going to use facebook.

And so, like your dad, I just signed up for twitter, several years after even the techno-lumpin. Actually, that’s not true, I did infact make an account over three years ago but I used it once and didn’t see much point to it, stopped, and I guess they delete old accounts. Or at least old accounts of non-famous people, because I noticed that whacky old <a href=”!/Kimi_Raikkonen”>Kimi Raikkonen</a> did the same, used it a couple of times then gave up years ago. I guess I thought it’d be another thing that’d have me potentially neglecting this website more than I do now. Plus it’s essentially the same thing any way — blogging — except on an ADHD scale. Communication for the always connected foreveralone.jpg generation.

Actually, come to think of it, maybe back then it was the name that I couldn’t get past. It sounded so dippy and gimicky, like it wouldn’t last long. Like the name of a Linux computer program eg. Jabber – the AIM clone. But I guess twitter is an apt name. Noise emitted by small, near-mindless creatures.

The internet’s supposed to be all about democracy and everyone having their say but it always seems to work out pyramid-shaped and this is no different. ‘Following’ my heroes in text form brings up the possibility of something terrible happening, like finding out that someone I think is really cool “had fish and chip’s” or instead of writing definitely they write ‘defiantly’ or ‘definatly’.

Anyway, my twit is yaksox, but it’ll be just as dull as everyone else’s.


Hipstamatic have added a few more filter recently. Oooh that’s right I’m talking about an _app_.

The first pair are the nicest; a two for 99cents deal and are connected with the photographer Ben Watts who I’d not heard of before but upon further investigation is an Australian who specialises in fotos of brawny black men at the beach. I had to make do with a nice day in the pre-humid phase as an demonstration.

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There was one extra free lens added to the starter pack, named buckhorst. Kind of subtle, which I like.

<a href=”” title=”Miserable Roof by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”240″ height=”240″ alt=”Miserable Roof”></a>

And I just noticed another. The hipstamatic people must’ve jumped into bed with Nike because these two B&W films (and case) are branded with comet logo. A bit to hard to understand as it doesn’t really sit well with the ‘hipster’ image. Maybe they were desperate for cash, cash, cash! And I have to say I’m just not a fan of black and white. There’s more than enough black, white and grey in the world, and especially in Korea.

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“Announce your sack buddy publicly”

This was the slogan of a govt funded public awareness(?) campaign that I was in the focus group for. It was a smallish group – my girlfriend and I, a couple that I knew from back in Geelong and some other people. This happened in a dream. This morning I assumed that I must’ve collected the phrase ‘sack buddy’ from somewhere in waking life but doing a search of it doesn’t bring up the same meaning, and an image search mostly shows sulphur-crested cockatoos and something to do with a computer game.