frank oz references

I was quite struck by a foto of Obama and the Queen in the news the other day. I didn’t save it but it was of Obama giving his kermit the frog smile (no hover-hand sadly) and several feet lower and to the right was the queen, who is starting to remind me of a paler, more feminine version of yoda. When I see occasions of pomp and ceremony that must have surrounded the queen here whole life, I am impressed with not how humble she appears to have remained, but how aware of her surroundings she seems to be. Being treated so weirdly by people usually leads to the kind of terrible eccentricity we see in Gaddaffi.

As for Obama, I keep thinking of his predecessor. Would he have been invited to the palace. No. If that guy had somehow still been in power in the US, what would their approach to Libya have been. Probably a lot more singular and violent. I used to think that a single person, leader or not, wouldn’t make any difference to something like the juggernaut of american foreign policy but I’m changing my opinion.

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  1. Her Maj has seen quite a few Presidents come and go and go and come and she just stands there representing The Office of monarchy. never embarrasses us by saying dumb stuff.
    I judge them all by how good they look next to her, and the Obamas passed the test. as a pair.

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