goodbye to Gil

Gil Scott-heron died a few days ago. The news blurbs mention ‘the revolution will not be televised’ and a recent comeback album that I’ve not heard but he made heaps of great music. A couple of months back I came across the album Reflections. I was looking for whatever album he made that contained the excellent track, Gun. <a href=””>Here</a> is a youtube of it if you’re interested. But Reflections has the track B Movie as well – a rather keen observation of Regan-era america.

<a href=”” title=”Reflections by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”302″ height=”294″ alt=”Reflections”></a>

I’ve always thought one of the most difficult things for anyone doing political music was balancing out the preachiness with good, musical listenibility. Gil’s partnership with Brian Jackson achieved that really well.

frank oz references

I was quite struck by a foto of Obama and the Queen in the news the other day. I didn’t save it but it was of Obama giving his kermit the frog smile (no hover-hand sadly) and several feet lower and to the right was the queen, who is starting to remind me of a paler, more feminine version of yoda. When I see occasions of pomp and ceremony that must have surrounded the queen here whole life, I am impressed with not how humble she appears to have remained, but how aware of her surroundings she seems to be. Being treated so weirdly by people usually leads to the kind of terrible eccentricity we see in Gaddaffi.

As for Obama, I keep thinking of his predecessor. Would he have been invited to the palace. No. If that guy had somehow still been in power in the US, what would their approach to Libya have been. Probably a lot more singular and violent. I used to think that a single person, leader or not, wouldn’t make any difference to something like the juggernaut of american foreign policy but I’m changing my opinion.

grand prix

Just watched a great doco on the bad old days of formula one. A fine example of how when things are wrong they won’t get right unless you do something about it.

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russian babby ok

<a href=”” title=”russianbaby by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”117″ height=”240″ alt=”russianbaby”></a>

Just a quick note to say I’m alive and everything. My head is busy but you fingers aren’t. They should be typing up the finishing parst of the master dissert. but they’ve been very slack. Here is a positive sign though. The scanner printer I’ve had sitting on the desk in my office kubikal for more than two years just got working again. It was driverless so would not connect. Driver! It now is drivered-up and I’m scanning like a madman. This is a russian chocolate wrapper I have pinned to the kubikal wall. I like it because it’s scary.


I can see this is going to be the sound of summer for me this year. In comparison to the Amon Tobin album, mentioned below, Hot Sauce is much easier to grab a-hold of quickly. It’s catchy. As a hip-hop group Beastie Boys are easily my favourite guitar-bass-drums trio. After the instrumental, make your own story, style of The Mix Up it’s great to hear them rhyming again.

I bought this digitally too. I miss not getting any liner notes or info about the production of it. Top Spin Media, who were in charge of sending out the digital download need to get their shit together though. I had no problems with getting Amon Tobin’s album a couple of weeks ago. But the B-boys album was officially released at 12am May 3. I didn’t get a link to my download until a day later when I emailed asking where the heck my purchase was. Unfortunately idiot journalists leaked this album before the release date too, so for consumers like me who are digitally savvy, the distribution company (top spin) really need to have their product ready to go when they say they will. The leak this time was only a few days before the official release, but add an extra day and are you, sitting at home, going to do the right thing and pony up your 12 bucks, or get it for free from the torrent sites? Also, when I got the album and dragged it into iTunes it came up as being ‘Unknown album’ — how hard is it for them to label the files correctly?

<a href=”” title=”Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 Cover by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”240″ height=”211″ alt=”Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 Cover”></a>


Also, they made this 30min long vid that features some of the album tracks. This is the coolest, funniest newthing I’ve seen in a loooooong time.

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I think we can safely say that the DMC Delorean will now forever be associated with time travel. And here’s one still I grabbed from the video.

<a href=”” title=”got-cowbell by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”283″ alt=”got-cowbell”></a>