12 o’clock high

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“Do you know what was right in the middle of the area your entire group unloaded on? A school.”

I’m watching ’12 O’Clock High’ (1964) a TV series produced by Quinn Martin. I’ve liked other stuff he’s headed up because the quality of storylines are generally pretty good. An American bomber wing based in England during WW2. Kind of strange subject matter. I know the best war propaganda always comes out a good 15-20 years after the event but aerial bombing really is a horrible business. In episode 3, series 1, they’re pulling no punches when they accidentally bomb a Dutch school full of little Dutch kids.

Here’s a <a href=”http://thehistorynetwork.org/military/2011/01/31/805-strategic-bombing/#more-26″>podcast</a> on just how pointless and inaccurate aerial bombing was in WW2.

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  1. Hi. Shanks. I actually d/loaded it as a torrent. But generally when shows like this are out there on the torrent sites, it’s because they’ve been released as DVDs. A quick google will bring up what you’re after.

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