kids can’t climb trees like they used to

Heading back to s.korea in a day or so. It’s been nice in Melbs but long enough. Saw True Grit yesterday. Another quite nice story told by the Cohen bros. Had a look at ‘In Press’ one of the local, free music magazines and found that I recognise less than 30% of the names of bands now. A little bummed to see I’m missing Swervedriver’s visit by less than a week.

It was fun doing things with my girl, J-e for the week and a half she was here. She ate steak everyday, made herself bacon and eggs in the mornings, was amazed and scared by seagulls and turned on by horses in the passing paddocks. Even Colac was bearable when she was here. After departure the rose-tinted hue faded and all I could see were the freaks and bogans again.

However, the Trocadero, a longtime-running eatery in Colac has changed hands and menus. Good mid-eastern style food available there now—things like felafel. And according to mum they’re doing very well.

Trocadero, Colac

I always like getting to the vic markets for a borek and a bee-sting. It’s great that those things don’t change.Not so great that this hasn’t changed.


This blind, or partially blind guitar busker has been frequenting the main sit/eat spot forever. He plays billy joel and rubbish like that. Today he was just standing there, occupying the spot but not performing = squatting. He held out an empty juice bottle and loudly announced “can someone put this in the bin”, minutes after he’d walked inside and bought it without assistance. Being blind or partially blind is tough luck but it’s no excuse for being a talentless arsehole.

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  1. “Even Colac was bearable when she was here….” I loved that line. I almost wet myself laughing. Hope you enjoyed your stay. Hope you’re not snowed in when you get back to SK.

    Comment by Tony — February 14, 2011 @ 7:45 pm
  2. Hey Tone, yeah it was good. Getting very near the time when I’ll just stay instead of getting on the plane and coming back to SK.
    I saw that news about snow too – but not a trace of it where I am or anywhere between the airport and here. Strangey.

    Comment by yak sox — February 16, 2011 @ 11:43 am

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