If you came across a locked wireless network called ‘Han Solo’ where would you start for guessing the password?

– chewbacca

– chewy

– Millennium Falcon

– Millenium falcon

– Luke Skywalker

– loves leia

– shot first

– Harrison Ford

– Greedo

If I had to sum up my opinion of Melbourne this time in one short sentence I’d say that – Everyone is driving Mazdas.

These economic lushtimes that Australia is experiencing can be seen in Melb in that there are heaps of new cars on the streets, but when I look at Geelong, it’s the same as I always remember it. Unoccupied shops in the CBD and plenty on underutilised youth sitting around cradling their skateboards.

For me there’s always a short period of adjusting to the price of things here when I’m back but it’s extra strength this time due to the KRW being so wussy against the AUD. A bottle of pretend-healthy softdrink from Spencer St Stn : 80 000 dollars. Two dim sims : 43 000 dollars. And so on and so on. I’m really curious what kind of wages normal people are on these days.

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