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So goodbye to Leslie Nielsen. It re-occurred to me a few years back how funny he was and so watched through the Naked Gun movies and even found a few of the Police Squad shows on the internet. But I think the key was the teaming up with the Zuckers’ (and Abraham’s) writing. For something different the last two nights I watched a couple of lesser known things from his filmog: _Spyhard_ and _The Poseidon Adventure_. The best thing about Spyhard was the theme song by Weird Al. On wikipedia it says it was shitcanned by critics and I can see why. Nielsen only had a small part in _Poseidon_. That was a pretty lame movie too, but kind of interesting because I didn’t realise that Poseidon (2006) was a remake. That was a snorefest too but the casting connections are interesting. Is Kurt Russell the hollywood/spiritual of Gene Hackman? Yes. And Red Buttons –> Richard Dreyfuss?  Maybe not quite, but the evolution of that character’s backstory is interesting. Red Buttons was a dapper little man who owned a haberdashery but never had the time to find the right woman. Richard Dreyfuss was a gay man with AIDS. I guess neither AIDS or being gay in movies were invented in 1972 so they had to think of something else.

Other lesser known things that Nielsen did include appearing as a guest star on The Streets of San Francisco *twice* and narrating some sort of nature doco which was later sampled by Boards of Canada in their track Dandelion from the Geogaddi album.

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