ball joints and boat lights

I have to say the level of millitancy those frenchies have is quite admirable. They really do have a culture where takin’ it to the streets is much more common than other western democracies.


I seem to have temporarily run out of decent cop shows to watch. I didn’t plan ahead enough and have been caught short. I watched Dexter up to where it’s at. After Tony Curtis died I watched a couple of his movies. The Defiant Ones was quite good – it was with Sydney Poitier and he really shone. A couple of buddied up with Kirk Douglas films – The Vikings and Spartacus.

But anyway, I saw that there was a tv series with the pre-Bond Roger Moore called The Pursuaders! It’s got a nifty opening theme but it’s not holding my interest, which is really something considering I watched nearly the whole lot of Thunderbirds episodes. Opening theme music embedding disabled upon request. If you watch the end part there it says, ‘Lord Sinclair’s clothes designed by Roger Moore’—I’m guessing that just means that he picked them out but he was quite the 70s dandy.

I’m D/Ling Starsky & Hutch but it’s taking its sweet while.

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  1. If you really want to see a decent old cult show
    you could research SPENSER.
    They were adaptations of the novels by Robert B Parker.
    Spenser, the literary minded PI had a best buddy the multi talented huge and enigmatic ‘Hawke’ played perfectly by Brooke Avery. They are available on DVD now, finally, and I wish I had them. I saw the series when it was run on Melb free-to-air decades ago, and have read all the books of course.
    At the time The Persuaders was made, clothing style was a huge issue. It think Peter Wyngarde’s TV series Jason King’ was a contemporary, and he made Moore’s ‘dandy’ look like a tramp.

    Comment by Marshall Stacks — October 21, 2010 @ 6:28 am
  2. Oh wait. I failed to comprehend your comment properly.

    Comment by YS — October 29, 2010 @ 5:45 pm

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