ball joints and boat lights

I have to say the level of millitancy those frenchies have is quite admirable. They really do have a culture where takin’ it to the streets is much more common than other western democracies.


I seem to have temporarily run out of decent cop shows to watch. I didn’t plan ahead enough and have been caught short. I watched Dexter up to where it’s at. After Tony Curtis died I watched a couple of his movies. _The Defiant Ones_ was quite good – it was with Sydney Poitier and he really shone. A couple of buddied up with Kirk Douglas films – The Vikings and Spartacus.

But anyway, I saw that there was a tv series with the pre-Bond Roger Moore called The Pursuaders! It’s got a nifty opening theme but it’s not holding my interest, which is really something considering I watched nearly the whole lot of Thunderbirds episodes. <a href=””>Opening theme music embedding disabled upon request</a>. If you watch the end part there it says, ‘Lord Sinclair’s clothes designed by Roger Moore’ — I’m guessing that just means that he picked them out but he was quite the 70s dandy.

I’m D/Ling Starsky & Hutch but it’s taking its sweet while.

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  1. If you really want to see a decent old cult show
    you could research SPENSER.
    They were adaptations of the novels by Robert B Parker.
    Spenser, the literary minded PI had a best buddy the multi talented huge and enigmatic ‘Hawke’ played perfectly by Brooke Avery. They are available on DVD now, finally, and I wish I had them. I saw the series when it was run on Melb free-to-air decades ago, and have read all the books of course.
    At the time The Persuaders was made, clothing style was a huge issue. It think Peter Wyngarde’s TV series Jason King’ was a contemporary, and he made Moore’s ‘dandy’ look like a tramp.

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