I love you Philip Morris (2010)

Current movies can be a strange thing here. I did go and see _Inception_ at the cinema (snore!) but when you’re relying on the DVD pirate-man that sells his burnt discs on the subway steps you can get anything at anytime.  And so I don’t know if this film has been released in Australia or America or what.

The g/f picked it. In fact, I never buy these pirate dvds. For some reason, more often than not she ends up picking films that are overly violent or have terrible rape scenes or stuff like that. Not on purpose, but that’s what happens when you pick things without looking too much into what they are. I site previous examples of _Blindness_ (2008). I didn’t even want to finish watching that one. What a pointless piece of trash! And _The Killer Inside Me_ (2010) which, oddly enough, I’d read the novel of a couple of years ago. I read one book about every three years these days thanks to my attention span and being forced to read twaddle for study. As a book it was pretty boring and all up, I was finding the crime noir genre pretty disappointing. The movie was pretty violent and boring.

Pirate-man’s choices, in my opinion , are in line with this pattern I’ve observed with Korean TV’s choices of what English-speaking movies to show — it’s mostly crap. Any night of the week you’re gaurunteed to come across a Steven sSegal film, or failing that, a Nicholas Cage one, and not a good one like _Wild at Heart_.

Anyway, _I Love Phillip Morris_ was good and it had nothing to do with cigarettes. Jim Carey is chronically under-rated as an actor and seeing him snog Ewan McGregor was great.

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