Die Roboter


For ages I’ve wanted to get a foto of one of these dudes. I seen them on the highways, but of course I’m always on a bus and can’t stop to get out. If I was ever going to make music and if it needed album art I would get a foto of three of these dudes and me.

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I just finished watched the 2nd and last season of The Invaders. Really is amazing how much the X Files borrowed off of it. My final conclusion is that is wasn’t alluding to the soviets and the cold war, but that the stiff little finger was more hinting at the Illuminati and its secret hand signal. Please refer to this GIS of prominent figures including Clintons, Obamas and Bushes doing the hand sign.

, , — YS @ 2:48 pm, August 27, 2010

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  1. Willie and the hand jive.
    die roboter rule!

    Comment by Ann O'Dyne — August 28, 2010 @ 11:37 am

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