I’ve started looking at great car chase films. So far only using wkpdia as a reference and began with Bullitt which is supposed to be the first. Although the charger was a pretty classic looking car, with the hidden headlights that make it look like it’s wearing sunglasses, i’s surprised how little chase action there was in the film. Bonus points for daring to have longish scenes with no dialogue.
Next was The French Connection whose only chase only involved one car(and a subway train). This movie obviously had a lot of influence on the creators of GTA4.

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  1. I do recall that at the time they were showing, Bullitt and TFC created great buzz and excitement.
    There is a de Niro film set in Japan with a great car scene – Ronan? or similar (haven’t actually seen it)

    Bogdanovitch’s What’s Up Doc? had a chase scene in San Fran where that famous steep street (Lombard?) has been the setting for many many car scenes.

  2. it’s RONIN and there is Utube on it. BMW v. Peugot and that reminded me of the incredible Beemer chase in The Transporter.

    Ronin is a john frankenheimer film and I treasure his Grand Prix 1966 (about) with Francoise Hardy in double denim seen for the first time and blew me away.
    vroom vroom

  3. Wow, A O’D. I never would’ve picked you as being an appreiciator of things motoring-ish. Yes, the wikipedia page also mentioned Ronin. Will definitely eventually get around to that one.

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