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It was my birthday a week ago. I turned 36. I realised I’m not coping well with birthdays in recent years. I think I have some sort of expectation that I should be somewhere or doing something and I’m not. Also partly because I don’t feel like I’ve done much in this last 12 months. On a day to day basis I guess things are okay and I’m healthy so that’s a good thing. “Almost anything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” — Mohandas Ghandi.

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While I’m sweeping up half-saved drafts:

Yes Dennis Hopper died (a week or two back). It’s sad but everyone dies. The most notable mention alongside this has been easyrider. I’m only mentioning this here because Hopper happened to be in two of my fave films. (Oh, also, there was this great doco series I saw once called something like, ‘the fine art of seperating people and their money’ about advertising and its history. dennis MCed it.)

But what I really liked, was that he played the more-than half-crazed photo-journalist in _Apocalypse Now_. Did you know that ‘if’ is the middle word in life?

Even better than that (no not _Space Truckers_) was his playing Frank Booth in _Blue Velvet_. I remember ages ago seeing some DVD end-matter that was telling how Lynch was doing the casting for the film and Dennis had read the part and was pleading to be Frank. Lynch was hesitant because Dennis had been on and off the drugs for a while and would probably be unreliable. Hopper said that _he was_ Frank Booth and that’s why he needed the part. Anyway there were heaps of great lines that came out of that character but I just thought that it was great, that as an actor, you might get the opportunity to explore parts of your own psyche through a role, particularly the darker parts.

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  1. Wishing you many contented returns of the day, although I am concerned that you moved straight from that to Hopper’s death.
    He burned all the candles at both ends.
    Being in both GIANT and Easy Rider is enough for one life I think.
    36 is an awkward age, no longer ‘young’ but certainly nowhere near ‘old’. This is why it’s the area of the MidLife Crisis. Don’t fall for that, you are too smart. Rock ON.

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