two grim films

I think I’m done with this vein of movies for a while. That being apocalypsy. The first was _Fail-Safe_ (1964), a cold war film with Henry Fonda and Derrwood from Bewitched. Pretty good at creating tension considering it was all filmed indoors. The message was ‘let’s not drop the bomb’ although it was a fairly unrealistic turn of events where, because the US had accidentally let one of their bomber groups go nuke Moscow, the president, henry fonda, ordered the self-nuking of NYC as a show of good faith to the russians, and as a way of saying ‘we made a mistake’.  Somehow I don’t think henry fonda would’ve really done that in real life, although it’s funny to think of in comparison to the theory, ‘9/11 was an inside job’.   This film sits well with _The Bedford Incident_ which was another “Whoops!” cold war film.

The difference between film then and now ( _The Road_ (2009)); I wonder if it was just that cinema didn’t have the technology, or was it that the story writers literally couldn’t imagine the kind of horror portrayed in film now? Or was it that they knew what it’d look like but weren’t prepared to show it to the public?  _The Road_ was really grim. If that’s what it’s like to survive all out nuclear war, then I hope I get vaporised in the first wave. The way people became savages was scary, but it was the background detail, like how the forests were all dead, falling over and catching on fire, as well as the winter part of nuclear winter that really stuck in my memory. Viggo Mortensen looks like Dan from The Black Keys.

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  1. I avoid creepy films thank god. People would go savage pretty quick I think. women would be killing for chocolate, and stuff like that.
    High Riser has just posted on the laos friendship bridge. he would welcome your visit.
    keep on truckin’

  2. Hi. Hey I can’t get thru to the marshall stacks website for some reason. I think it’s asking me to login. It’s in korean so I don’t know. Did you make it a ‘private’ kind of blog?

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