Sunny Breaks and the case of: Too Many Robots!

The couple of people who check this website on a semi-regular basis may have found it a little difficult to reach recently, a little 510ish, a little _not extended_.

And of course my natural assumption is that it’s the web server not working properly. I wait a couple of days because sometimes these things sort themselves out. But it didn’t, so of course I write an “I’m flying off the handle” kind of email to web-command at HostCentral and as always I get a calm and knowledgeable reply back about what’s happening. Apparently the robots that google et. al. send out to check what’s new on websites are doing it all a bit too often and blowing out the server. I put a thing in wirdpress that might help, but in case it didn’t, <a href=””></a> increased the awesomeness of the RAM on the server. Is there anything they can’t do? I think not.

2 thoughts on “Sunny Breaks and the case of: Too Many Robots!”

  1. I have left comments on your earlier posts which, when I key ‘Submit Comment’ just get me a pop-up “Oops something went wrong” which I have been blaming on my crappy Telstra NextG stick. maybe is the volcanic ash factor.

    Thinking of you constantly as the weather forecasts here are saying ‘Sunny Breaks’ it being autumn.
    cheers and I love your yellow axe man

    1. Oh really? Hmm, that’s no good. But hopefully won’t be happening again.
      I was wondering what you were up to 🙂

      Ya, thanks. I might write a bit more about it now I’ve had more chance to play ‘Luxe.

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