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“What do you do?” “Oh I’m an artist. Y’know, like, an art artist.”

Went to an art sale/exhibition in Seoul last weekend. I have this terrible attidtude toward korean art. I know that ultimately it’s no good but I can’t seem to let it go. Whenever I see art here it just looks derivative and uninspiring.


However, I should say it’s hard to impress me with  visual, 2D or 3D, non-cinematic art from any country. But whenever I see korean art my first thoughts are a) it looks like wallpaper, or b) they’ve copied it from someone in Europe or NY. B is no doubt influenced by the knowledge that in Eastern (mostly korean and chinese) philosophy, copying—or emulation—isn’t considered a bad thing, whereas my own personal philosophy sits it alongside ‘pathetic’, the kind of things kids do because they are kids.

And don’t give me the ‘oh it’s the war’ thing and korea is doing well considering it was bombed to smithereens in the 50s because that doesn’t really factor into it here.

Walking around the art show, I got to thinking how artistic thought, technique and endeavours are kind of like technology. To be at the top of the game, a country has to be pushing hard into the field for a long time. And for a long time, in korea, being an artist wasn’t considered a very noble thing. In the west, you’d be pretty happy if your son grew up to be Brett Whiteley (apart from the heroin) but in korea you’d be proud if your son grew up to be steven smedley the pencil-pushing public-service accountant.   The point being that with art, korea will always be playing catch-up, and even the traditional stuff like those whacky tiger paintings are influenced by chinese art.

But I can’t finish this off without at least a glimmer of hope. I did like this.


It was a mechanical thing that flapped wings when it detected the movement of people near it. It made a lot of whining mechanical noises which were cool, and I fancy the idea of someone who has an apartment that’s only 5×5metres sticking one of these big-block installations in the middle of it. Art isn’t meant to fit conveniently with your lifestyle.


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Sunny Breaks and the case of: Too Many Robots!

The couple of people who check this website on a semi-regular basis may have found it a little difficult to reach recently, a little 510ish, a little not extended.

And of course my natural assumption is that it’s the web server not working properly. I wait a couple of days because sometimes these things sort themselves out. But it didn’t, so of course I write an “I’m flying off the handle” kind of email to web-command at HostCentral and as always I get a calm and knowledgeable reply back about what’s happening. Apparently the robots that google et. al. send out to check what’s new on websites are doing it all a bit too often and blowing out the server. I put a thing in wirdpress that might help, but in case it didn’t, increased the awesomeness of the RAM on the server. Is there anything they can’t do? I think not.

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I just bought this yesterday. Sounds sweet. I was under the impression it was from 1973 but according to the internet, it’s actually a 1974—same as me.


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nothing of great consequence

So. After doing really well with the studies last Fri. I’ve done nothing for a whole week, and will probably do nothing today. But I’ve been a bit sick. A sore throat that most likely got rolling from bacteria but had a helpful push along by the heightened amounts of dust in the air at present, both normal and plutonium enriched thanks to china. I tell ya maurice, the world’s going to hell in a handbasket. It’s still unseasonably cold here. Unseasonably is a polite way of saying what the fuck’s going on??? I was theorising that the huge amounts of snow dumped on europe and east coast of n.america last winter were due to the ‘atlantic conveyor belt’ breaking down. That’s a large underwater current in the Atlantic that brings warmer water up from the central atlantic to the north, and prevents the land masses in that area from getting any colder than they already are.  And so perhaps there was some sort of follow-on in this part of the world, because I’m still wearing my jacket most days.

Also, there’s all the earthquakes. I mentioned this here once before. If this was an earthquake blog, business would be booming. Volcanoes are erupting, yadda yadda yadda. I blame the CIA.

I like this because this is pretty much how I fold my hand-towels and face-washers. Pick them up, stare for about twenty minutes…

A doco on origins of heavy metal mentioned Blue Cheer. Their first album, Vincebus Eruptum, is pretty sweet. A little claptony, a bit hendrixy, but simpler and more full on. They remind me a lot of Mudhoney. Here they mime the studio version of a Summertime Blues cover.

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unplug, blitz

I just discovered that if I unplug the router in the morning I get a heck of a lot more study down. T’is a good feeling. Randoms:


I think I saw this movie, The Krays about 20 years ago. I just watched it again. It’s not bad, but if I had a time machine I’d probably go back and try to convince the principles, Gary and Martin Kemp, to not do it because it was the end of Spandau Ballet, and they made great songs, like ‘True’. That song will be around forever, but the film is already buried.

Then I’d go back to the late 1920s and convince Hitler to pursue a career in writing books for children and young adults.

mein kampfy chair

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Also, I find this insanely gorgeous. It’s like a muppets skit, but real. The perfect synthesis of Man, (human) feline and internet. This is the kind of thing that’s put me 4 weeks behind schedule with the study, and will undoubtedly conquer vastly superior races across the galaxy.


The other night I dreamt I was in a bedroom. Prime-minister Kevin Rudd came in and sat on the bed. He was trying to touch my junk.

I haven’t even been watching the news.

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<a href="">The dead rat by Zelle Arte Contemporanea</a>

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I just tried eating pancakes as a kind of breakfast and lunch all in one, because I have a funny schedule on Thursdays that goes across the afternoon – too early for lunch, too hungry for dinner by the time I finish. But it didn’t work and I feel a bit sick.

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