Amber Lamps

_(written last sat. nite)_

I’ve been thinking a lot about amber lamps today. I wish that instead of having to do one monolithic thesis for the master’s’ that I could do smaller, loosely connected nodes on things that are current and interesting. I got tired of the idea of a grunge thesis about a year ago.

I’d like to unpack the amber lamps meme. I must admit that the first time I watched ‘fatnigger’s’ utoob clip I was mainly paying attention but did note in passing the girl on the seat in the background and that she did not react or move away from the fight. Perhaps it’s the case that fights on buses are so common in the USA that this was for the most part, the unremarkable part of the video. However, by-standers who are not easily phased, I take it, are rare.

I can identify with amber lamps. I too am non-interventionist, even to a fault some would say. “how can you just stand there and say nothing yakky?” they say. But everything will work out the way it’s meant to. Was that what amber lamps was thinking?

I want to get an amber lamps t-shirt if there is one. I’m sure there is.

PS. They played the rock and roll animal version of sweet Jane at starbucks. I haven’t heard that album in years. I’m at starbucks because cafe Benny was full.

Anger. Rage in america is another issue. Epic beard guy was feelin it. This seems fairly typical of many Americans I’ve seen. It’d be easy to interpret it negatively. As if it’s epic beard guy’s weakness. But I’ve learnt that it’s a positive sign to be able to express anger. Even when it seems to be conveyed poorly it is still moving in right direction. And that’s the main point. It’s on the way to somewhere. Somewhere better.

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