Zardoz (1974)

I watched this last night. There was loads of toplessness in it. I know that the 70s were a strange time, and that science fiction movies were all the rage, but somehow I think that Charleton Heston got the better roles, when compared with Sean Connery going from the 007 franchise into this, uh, I don’t know what kind of outfit you’d call this.

<a href=”” title=”zardoz by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”410″ height=”500″ alt=”zardoz” /></a>

My powers of description fail me when it comes to this film. It was weird.

One thought on “Zardoz (1974)”

  1. I know I saw it way back then but I cannot recall a thing about it. Connery was a Mr.Universe before acting, so he was used to flashing his thighs about.
    1974 was a great year for film: Sandy Harbutt’s cult favorite STONE, Weir’s Cars That Ate Paris, and a funky psychedelic sci-fi Space Is The Place.
    WestWorld from the year before was a great sci-fi and the early 70’s was a very Sci-Fi era altogether – maybe directors were smoking a lot of dope.

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