the girls would turn the color / Of the avocado

<a href=”” title=”avocado by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”378″ height=”453″ alt=”avocado” /></a>

I was at the <a href=””>NGV</a> the other day and was amazed to find that they let you take non-flash fotography these days. Also didn’t know it’s free entry. Plus they’ve got some pretty awesome airconditioning. And Picasso. Another thing that’s user-friendly is a number of chairs in ther that you can move around. I sat in front of this, ‘a question of propriety’. It came alive and I channelled <a href=””>Sister Wendy</a>.

<a href=”” title=”a question of propriety by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”633″ height=”407″ alt=”a question of propriety” /></a>

Was great to see some decent european art in a quiet, uncrowded setting.

4 thoughts on “the girls would turn the color / Of the avocado”

  1. I got there 3 weeks ago, for the first time in years, and also checked Pablo’s Guernica. A couple were having a very technical and earnest discussion about it, and I didn’t want to break their flow, so I wandered away wondering if they knew about it being left in a locker on Spencer Street Station (now renamed SoCross Stn)..

  2. Indeed. That was one of the first things I thought of when I saw it there too. I still call it spencer st.
    I didn’t see guernica around anywhere though.

  3. I kept calling it Spencer Street too, then I realised that every time I used it I got so cross …

    re your comment:
    ‘I’m not much of a one to understand legal wrangles but boy do I miss Lorne/Anglesea. And zen kookaburras.’
    October 30, 2009 …
    Pants has another photo from the same series and her opinion on the greed of Larrikin. Warren*Fahey founded that label using ALL Public Domain folk songs. ironic?

  4. Yeah, I guess when I think about it it makes me think of the histiry or the US recording industry and the recording or folk atrists who were paid a pittance and made a million from. The recording industry is mostly rotten.
    It’s good that people like you are getting the word out about it. I’ve never been good at that kind of thing becuase I get so easily angry.
    Kinda disappointed I didn’t get to catch up with you IRL while back in australia.

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