Zardoz (1974)

I watched this last night. There was loads of toplessness in it. I know that the 70s were a strange time, and that science fiction movies were all the rage, but somehow I think that Charleton Heston got the better roles, when compared with Sean Connery going from the 007 franchise into this, uh, I don’t know what kind of outfit you’d call this.

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My powers of description fail me when it comes to this film. It was weird.


I just found this and this.

The Primitive Calculators: <object width=”425″ height=”344″><param name=”movie” value=””></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”425″ height=”344″></embed></object>

*<a href=”″>Link</a>* to Primitive Calculators interview on RRR, 2008. (<a href=””>archived here<?a>)


I’m at kl intl airport waiting for my flight back to wintery Korea. I had a very decent Thai dinner for $2 and there’s free wifi. Even before getting here I was near moved to comment on the atrocious state of tullamarine airport. Another contrast is Malaysia airlines compared with qantas. I can easily say that MH has been the best I’ve flown with, Singapore the only other that’s comparable. Malaysian have been friendly, polite and they comunicate well. They make the mistake of letting qantas staff handle their check-Ins at Melb. and despite them having English as a first language they’re really bad at communicating. I was sitting at tullamarine thinking about varous aspects of public infrastructure in Victoria and it was enough to make me wonder if this is part of Australia– is this a first world country? Yes of course it is I hear you say Dianne. Then what is the problem? I never thought I’d say this but it’s the unions. They are like idiot children when eating: they always want more, more, MORE without regard for those around them or even for their own wellbeing. As a consequence, public projects like whatever the hell it was they did to nunnawadding station cost squillions and take ages. I’m not saying cut peoples’ wages but they should take a look at blue collar work that gets done in other countries– and realize how lazy they’ve become. From what I’ve seen here and in Korea, people still take pride in their work and the extra effort they put in pays off in creating infrastrucure that the whole community can take pride in.

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How’s this for a lunch?  The Indian food here has been totally sweet, and by sweet I mean excellent, and not necessarily sweet. Although one side-dish I had yesterday of, I think pumpkin was sweet. It was sweet~!

What I’ve liked is the staff being totally unphased by tourist of the year walking in with no idea of what the normal way of ordering is. Have I mentioned that basically no-one I’ve talked to in service positions (including checkout-chicks) have had any trouble being understood in English?
Anyway, the Indian people have been totally cool, and obviously word hasn’t got out to the malay-indian community about how terribly racist australians are, because they’ve been totally nice.
Featured in the foot above was some mammoth calamari rings, and one killer-sized prawn. I don’t know what the accepted way is for tackling a prawn like that, but no-one stared when I mostered it with bare hands. Actually, the prawn was a bit mushy. Probably it was supposed to be like that, but the rest was ace. For 18.5 ringgits = 6k KRW = 6 bucks aus. = 5 and a half US.

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I was going to launch in a couple of days ago and say I wasn’t going to watch the winter olympics on principle. Principle being that it’s just a bunch of yuppie-vacation pastimes dressed up as ‘sports’. Having a go at curling is like shooting fish in a barrel though. And I have been watching it because there’s only about two tv channels in the room I’m staying in and one of them is espn honk-kong. winter olds is still rubbish though. The real sports are ones that can be done by people living in any part of the world, and that have a minimal amount of money needed for equipment, like marathon running.
Luge. What’s that all about? How is that related to anything in the real world? You know what the real story is, don’t ay? Worldwide luge is financially backed by the military industrial complex in order to advance the technologies needed to shoot men into outer-space. Human missiles to combat the impending Plutonian invasion.
And I find it amusing that it’s the world’s strongest economic and military powers who are the only ones competing in the couples figure-skating. Russia, Japan, China, USA, and Germany. IN fact, Russia poached one of Japan’s skaters.

Following are some size-minimal fotos (w/catchy captions) to assuage the abuse of bandwidths.

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_Don’t believe the rumours_

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_Mickey Maos_

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_Persian food_

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_Could hear the call to prayer common from here_

what IS ‘rock the casbah’ all about?

The people here are really nice. Yesterday I was walking around and a guy says hello and we chat a little. He says his sister is about to go work at paramatta hospital in sydney and asked me if I wanted to have lunch so he could ask me about australia. I declined, perhaps a regrettable decision but I was roaming, and frankly I was still a little suspicious of motive despite the vibe of the guy being genuine.

It’s a vastly big difference to Vietnam where pretty much everybody is trying to make an extra buck out of you. It’s almost non-existent here. I don’t know why that is – if it’s a byproduct of the more religious attitude, or if there’s some nasty laws against grifting that I don’t know about. I guess things aren’t as cheap as inn vietnam, but still a bit cheaper than korea.

Another situation was that I was in a line to get a monorail ticket out of a machine at a station. I pressed the buttons to get the ticket I want and waqs about to put the note in to pay but it said it wouldn’t take notes and I didn’t have enough coin to pay. They young guy behind me stepped up, dug into his pocket and gave me about 50cents worth of coins. I tried to give him the note I was going to use as compensation but he wouldn’t have it.

I am digging the muslamic architecture, and just notice that the petronas towers kind of look like minarets.

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Everyone here speaks English quite well. I guess my preconception of the young women wearing the headscarves is that they would be taciturn and a little cool in their approach toward the whiteman, but it’s not the case at all. So I guess I can dig it apart from the thing I notice that there is no equivalent with men. Some of them wear little caps, but very few. When out in groups, the young guys couldn’t be picked apart from non-islamic guys, while the women have the scarf. And so, in order to equalise the situation, I propose that the guys wear <img src=”” />.

Also, I know it’s a thailand thing rather than a malay thing, but I saw a pic of the reclining Buddha on telly and I totally got it. Given the weather and everything. As a novice seeker on the path of slack as a way of being I think I have to get one of those reclining Buddha statues.


I arrived in kuala lumpur last night. The tradeoff for doing airtravel during the day is that you invariably arrive at your destination in darkness. It makes hard to get a feel for a place when there’s no sun.

It’s one thing to read the brief history blurb about racial makeup but another to walk around in it. There’s people from literally every part of Asia here and it would seem that it’s equally home to all. As a whitey residing in east Asia the Islamic people here seem the most interesting. Like head scarves. I really want to ask a woman if they ever get Jack of it. Especially in the hot weather.

But being back in multicultural hoju and now here has reminded me of the universal truth that people are people regardless of culture. We really shouldn’t be afraid of each other. Everyone loves shopping malls. I’m going to stop watching sbs news.

the girls would turn the color / Of the avocado

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I was at the <a href=””>NGV</a> the other day and was amazed to find that they let you take non-flash fotography these days. Also didn’t know it’s free entry. Plus they’ve got some pretty awesome airconditioning. And Picasso. Another thing that’s user-friendly is a number of chairs in ther that you can move around. I sat in front of this, ‘a question of propriety’. It came alive and I channelled <a href=””>Sister Wendy</a>.

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Was great to see some decent european art in a quiet, uncrowded setting.


Last sunday I caught the train into the city to hand over one of my guitars to a lucky buyer. Despite it being one of the busiest days for people using the train, services for lilydale & belgrave are combined, making fr a rather pakt carriage by the time it gets to hawthorn. I was sitting in a special needs seat, because if there was ever a dude who had special needs, it’s me.

But I did move my case to  make way for an old lady when pulling out of Glenferrie. Is that a bassoon? she asked. Why yes it is! Said I. I’m the bassoon player for the Royal Philharmonic.

My daughter used to play bassoon, she said. I’m also a member of the Melbourne Pops Bassoon Quintet, I added. In fact, I own and run a shop in East Camberwell called, “Bassoons A’Plenty” — not to be confused with my arch rival’s shop, “Plenty of Bassoons” in Plenty rd, Lower Plenty.

Several years ago I wrote a book titled _Baboon with a bassoon_ on the subject the complex social strata of African Yellow Baboons, and the implications of handing out bassoons to them.

My daughter never visits me now she has her own family, said the old lady. Yeah bassoons are great, I replied.

*   *   *

I have to say australians are a bunch of wussies when it comes to actually _bidding_ on a guitar on ebay. There were 15 watchers for the Jaguar and not a single bid. I got several emails after the auctions saying, ‘ah yeah, do ya still have that guitar?’ Selling pedals last year went rather smoothly in comparison, but I guess there’s something about the larger monies involved, and buyers needing some sort of token, ritualistic touching of the instrument before buying.

I met Ballarat country father & son at the vic markets. They bought it. Son was about 16, wearing a nirvana t-shirt and had long hair. I could see that Lobo (lonesome bones) the jaguar was going to a good home.

The black tele custom sold today, but not after a weird stand-offish situation with a (frankly) bad-vibed chap last night who came to look at it and attempted to haggle. I really don’t like haggling, even as purchaser, much less as seller. He called back today and said could meet minimum price and despite it being a couple of bits of inanimate wood I felt a little unsure of handing it over to strange man.

bees and the things they do

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I was recently down at G.West at my most recent permanent address in australia. There’s this bunch of bee boxes stacked just outside the door of what was my bathroom shed. Honey is sweet, but I don’t know if I could’ve coped with walking past incoming/outgoing bees every time I needed a slash. Apparently the worker bees that go out and collect the pollen are girls. I didn’t know that. I thought they were sexless. I had some of their honey on pikelets. Pretty good.

Pakington street has completed its transition to yuppification. Kinda sad. To me there seems to be a really stark contrast between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. The former category consists of the young, tanned, pusher-pushing, cleanly-dress and unsmiling yuppies. I see that at 35 I am not young any more. The latter are the recently de-institutionalised mental patients (of which there are _many_). People in wheelchairs. People in motorchairs. The old. The obscenely fat. People wearing sun hats.

One of the reasons why I wanted to leave Geelong, and Australia, five years ago was that I was sick of the distant disconnected “don’t touch me!” vibe I would get from most people when out in town.

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I’m really tempted to get this fake tiger skin rug but 65bucks? I’m not sure I can go that far for ultrakitch.


From the Muppets sprung Muppet Babies and so from Star Wars has come Star Wars babies.

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What would baby Admiral Ackbar’s catchphrase be? “It’th a twap!”