Mum was just about to throw this old suitcase out when this old book of cigarette cards fell out. It looks like it was circa late 30s. The footballer ones are nice, and have these great descriptions of the players on the back, but up the back there was a page or so of cards related to the royal family and soldiers of the various colonies, including Sudan and India.

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Was the Queen ever really blonde? Was she ever really that sweet looking as opposed to bitter like she is now?

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The Queen Mum. Who could ever not love the Queen Mum?

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And here, sporting the Geelong colours is a young R.J Hickey, who I gather was named after the stand of the same name at Kardinia Park.

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_Fitzroy & Sth. Melb. Teams that’ve stood the test of time._

We’re gonna chuck it on ebay and see if it’s worth anything. May be, maybe not. I just looked up Hickey on wikipedia to see when he was playing and the same picture came up, so perhaps not.

One thought on “roadshow”

  1. yes ebay. they will fight over them. good thing you saved it from the chuck, but makes one wonder about all the others like your mum who are dumping good collectibles in the wheelie bin. *sigh*
    if there are any Melbourne cards, do tell Tony Tee at AfterGrog Blog.

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