Day is awesome! Night is scary!

Being back in victoria, australia for a holiday, several things become immediately apparent re differences between here and s.korea. It’s the same things every time but they still catch me out. Both internet connectivity and public transport here are atrocious. But the air quality is good! And so few people here smoke ciggies. I walked through the city yesterday and don’t think I had smoke wafting into my flight path once.
I’m carrying the ipod touchy around looking for open wireless but there is none apart from McDonald’s.
Also, it’s warm here today (43º) whereas Seoul is somewhat cooler (-5º).

5 thoughts on “Day is awesome! Night is scary!”

  1. omg a 48 degree temp change might be bad for your health.

    just walk little bourke st if you miss massed asian smoking.
    I am 6 kms from Birregurra and packed to flee at the first waft of smoke.
    I hope your Sunny Break goes well

  2. I was down at irrewarra last week. Great to see the stars again. Hey M.stacks if you’re back in melb in the next 4 weeks email me at teambreaks. I’d love to hang out with you. Have a coffee or whatever.

  3. yeh – still plenty of room for improvement there! get yourself over to the melb uni gallery and check out the awesomeness that is the shilo project…an op shop vinyl art show guaranteed to make you feel better!

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