I was just at the severance hospital near yonsei visiting a guy I know. He was in some kind of accident when on his motorscooter last weekend. He was in a coma for a while but is awake now but still not in a good way at all.

I don’t really know what I was expecting when I went there but was not prepared for the kind of pannicky state he is in. I’m never good in these kind of situations. What are you supposed to say? I said relax and let your body heal itself — you’ll be okay. And I certainly believe that he has a chance to be okay, but I don’t think he’s thinking that.

I don’t know the details of the accident, like who was at fault. It’s not important either. This kind of thing could happen to anyone. There’s a good reason why I don’t have a motorbike. I haven’t even been riding my pushbike much lately, but mostly because the tires keep going soft.

::::::::::::::: On a positive note I finally finished my studies for the year. Happy to have that pressure off. Goodness knows what kind of trouble I’d get onto if I only had the job and nothing else all year round.

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