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I’d been starting to think music was dead. I haven’t to listened to any good radio stn in years s I don’t know if there’s any good new stuff out there. I would keep an eye out for any of my fav artists to see if they’d put out anything new—but then what happens when they’re all retired?

Here’s three things:

There’s this person who puts all the songs made in australia and NZ in 1980 on youtoob. I thought this was pretty neat. I was just six then. A small boy. And these products of my mind were wearing vests made out of safety pins and the like.

Next is that william shatner album I’d heard about but not got to listening to. There was a couple of interesting things in it. Henry Rollins and bill shatner as muppets.

And while I those ones are the past, this one is new. I heard about the band, Battles, from reading my close personal friend’s blog – david byrne. He said at their gig they had their guitars slung up really high which is interesting and nerdy. I’m doing it now. It’s much more comfortable. I gather they are what is called post-rock. I like the middle part of the song where it actually does rock a bit. Not sure about the vocal style, I think I prefer the conventional rock style of singing. There’s a fair bit of chipmunk voices on the album ‘Mirrored’. In any case – I do like them and it’s a whole heap better than another so called post rock band I heard called Explosions in the Sky, which was dreary.

Also, it’s a time for saying goodbye and I sold another guitar. Goodbye to gold bass.

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  1. I just love Battles. But that 1st video weirded me out somewhat. The lead singer of that group went on to produce the opening/closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics. Huh! Hope all is well over there in SK.

    Comment by Toeknee — October 21, 2009 @ 8:19 pm
  2. goodbye gold bass, hello TWO new axes.
    Well that was a clearout then wasn’t it?

    Where have all the scratchplates gone?
    into junk drawers every where.
    all around the world.

    there’s a song it that somewhere.

    Comment by Marshall Stacks — October 30, 2009 @ 10:20 pm
  3. Tone, well you’re more ahead of it than me.

    M.Stacks, good point re scratchplates, the new acoustic could certainly use one.

    Comment by YS — November 5, 2009 @ 11:54 am

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