vietnam hol fotos pt2


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J-e had this made before I got there—it’s the traditional clothing for women there, called phonetically an al-zye. I thought the pink on it looked a bit garish but in person it wasn’t too bad. However it was of a fairly cheap make and the glittery stuff was coming off already.


The weather in mid to late august was extreme – and I mean heavy. Hot and humid. I was told that it was rainy season and so not a good time to go, but it turned out to only rain one morning in the 10 days I was there. Sweated every time I stepped outside though, and in that way reminded me a little of the dead extreme of winter here in Korea—basically hostile and so spent more time indoors than would like.  (I’d still take the heat over winter though.) There’s a small coffeeshop chain that’s sprung up since the last time I was there, called Hylands(?) something like that.


Modern interpretation on traditional vietnamese architecture.


Old school steam roller. You don’t see these things around much anymore. I love those things. 20th cent. archetype.


Lunch in Hoi an.


And well fuck, why not let’s go visit the scene of the My Lai Massacre? Yeah, that sounds like fun!


Girl at the beach, corrr.


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