Review: Greenfield Hotel, Hoi an

Here is another point that the wikitravel website let me down with. It said the Greenfield hotel was good but it’s not. Basically, it’s dilapidated and the staff tried to overcharge when we were checking out. Their website is highly ‘creative’ with they way they portray the hotel. The breakfast was abominable and I think one of the cleaners played with my iPod when I was out.

In their favour, they do seem to be trying to update the place, and the staff (well some of them) were a little bit friendly if you were friendly to them first. They kind of reminded me of maltreated children; their first reaction when they saw you coming was that you were going to yell at the complaining about something. I guess they get that a lot.

After I’d been there a couple of days I read <a href=””>this</a> and it’s about 90/10 bad reviews.

A couple of other things to mention are that there was no hot water and the tiles in the room we were in were loose so once water got under them, and you stood on them, like to go to the toilet for a pee, they’d make a squelching sound. I kind of dug it but I think, overwhelmingly, other people wouldn’t. The air-con (a must in August) was noisy and rather ineffective. Also my girlfriend almost drowned in the swimming pool but that’s mostly because she’s got a big head.

*The Short:* Avoid!  I heard good things about Nhi-Nhi hotel.

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